Design Q&A #1

Design Q&A #1

About a week ago, I asked on Instagram if you had any burning design questions you wanted answered in a blog post. I'm happy to introduce this new series, Design Q & A, where I take your questions that aren't simple answers, and expand on them. First up...


When I got this question, I was super excited because I believe it's a HUGE challenge if you don't have any direction, but if you do, it's fairly easy to get right. But, it's easier to show rather than tell. 


Together, this set of five lighting fixtures has a common theme in color, but if you look closer here are a few more details:

  1. Different Shapes But Common Colors - The kitchen island pendants are round, while the dining pendant is cone-shaped, and the living room lamps are a round drum. But they feel cohesive because they contain one or more of brass, black, and white.
  2. Don't Ignore The Details - Check out the ceiling cap of both the kitchen pendants and the dining room pendant. They aren't identical. One is wood, the other is black. But the shape is similar and at a quick glance, seems the same.
  3. Pairs Help Unify - When in doubt, buy in twos. It adds symmetry and order, and gives the eye a place to rest. Especially in an open floor plan, you want the eye to skim the room and see the big picture first THEN all of the details. Pairs help this!

One thing I recommend if you're just getting started with selecting lighting is to print out photographs of what you're considering, then mix and match them until you find the right combination. When you are thinking of them as separates instead of a group, it's harder to get a cohesive look. 


Kitchen Pendants // Dining Table Pendant // Living Room Lamps


Studio Chu - How I Got Here

Studio Chu - How I Got Here